Shocking Secrets Of Web Designers!


There are a lot of “sales people” (web designers) in our industry who will gladly take your money. You need to ask questions. Get references. See live websites that they have designed. Verify where your website will be hosted and ask who takes care of the customer service and tech support if you have an issue. Make sure to ask them what platform your website will be built on and if you will actually OWN the website you are paying for – this is the single most important question!

Doing business with so-called conservatives who do business with super woke companies like GoDaddy, Shopify, Wix and others defeats the purpose and only enriches these companies who use the money we pay them to work against us and our values. You can call us directly at 210-942-3636 if you have any questions!


The vast majority of so-called website designers are using woke third party websites with proprietary software because they have not developed any real design skills. What this means to you is that you will never actually own the website, because another company owns the technology.


Most web designers do not own any technology or infrastructure, which means you are going to have to pay extra to have your website hosted somewhere, usually some woke company, and you’ll usually have to pay extra for SSL certificates, domain name email and other necessary things you need.


Most website designers who do offer web hosting are usually going to go with the cheapest possible, even if they charge you a lot for it. You have to find out where your website will actually be hosted because that is a very important component of your online business.


The majority of web designers are hobbyists. In other words, they have not made a real business out of web design. This is bad for clients who can never get ahold of them because they are either working at a job all day, or because they decided to give up on their hobby.


The fact is, a lot of people in this industry just don’t share our conservative values. We have to stop supporting these people’s agendas!


Many people in this business are not even located in the United States, but they set up USA phone numbers and mailing addresses to fool you!


If their price is suspiciously cheap – run! Nothing good can come from that. Something is definitely wrong or missing or you will be charged extra for it.


Many web designers can take forever to design a simple website. You need to ask upfront how long it will take. PS We are pretty darned fast!


Many web designers will offer you a free domain name, but it is owned by them. If you try to leave, you will lose your name!


Many web designers think SEO is all about keyword stuffing and fake pages. Google WILL penalize your site for that!


At Conservative Website Designers, we do everything in-house and we include everything you need to get started. You get the first six months the first full year of premium web hosting, hosted on our servers – which means that we manage it for you. You get a free domain name that belongs to YOU! You get a non-transferable SSL certificate, installed free. You get domain name email that you can use on your computer, phone, or online. There are no extra fees or charges. Yes, we do have website extras and add-ons available (such as e-commerce and extra email accounts), but those are completely optional! Questions? Call 210-942-3636 right now =)

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